Products Liability is the branch of litigation seeking compensation for persons injured due to defective and dangerous products. Tom Hart has represented workers and other victims of defective products ranging from industrial cranes, medical devices, pneumatic tools, refinery equipment, textile machinery and automobiles.

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FOCUS – Defective Gas Cans

Each year a dozen or more children are horribly burned due to defective gas cans, which can explode. While adults may know the hazards of using gasoline on an open fire, most children do not. A flame arrestor, a 5 cent section of wire screen, stops flames and have been used since the 1800′s in places such as mines and furnaces. In 1981 Consumer Reports Magazine recommended that all gas cans have flame arrestors to protect flames from igniting gas fumes inside of a can.

Most cans certified for workplace use under OSHA contain flame arrestors. Shockingly, twenty-five years after Consumer Reports recommended them, few, if any, gas cans sold for household use today contain flame arrestors. As a result, each year children suffer catastrophic burns, which are preventable.

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